" The Modest Homestead: Almost 5 and a party to plan!

Almost 5 and a party to plan!

It's hard to believe my baby girl is turning 5 this summer! She'll be going into kindergarten! I always try and make a big deal out of her birthday. We have a party with our family and friends and since she is old enough to care now she gets to pick out the theme. This year she wants to have a fashion show in Paris party based off of her love for the movie Barbie in a Fashion Fairytale. She's been talking about her party for months now ever since she decided on the theme. Here's a conversation we had the other day while running errands together. 

Claire: "So mom, I really think we should have a runway for my party... and you know since it's my birthday can I walk down the runway first? Well, actually I want my cousin Lani to walk down it with me."

Me: "We'll think about a runway."

Claire: "And you know you need to make me a fancy dress...LOT'S of fancy dresses!"

Me: "I'll make you a dress, probably just one for your party."

Claire: "And cake... we need cake!"

Me: "Yes we can have cake."

This is just one of the many conversations we've had about her party and only a few of the requests she's had. I've got some ideas of how I can fulfill her wishes on the cheap and hopefully will be sharing them with you shortly! It's less than a month away from her party now and I've got to get busy!! So much to do! Here are a few inspirational photos I've found while searching around the Internet.

Happy Friday!

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