Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Let's Go on a Mommy Date

Have any of you ever read that book to your kids? The first few times I read it I couldn't finish the book without tearing up. It talks about how time is going by fast and eventually your kids are going to grow up and maybe even move out. {Sometimes Claire says she's marrying daddy and is gonna stay here and other times she says she's gonna have her own house. But I shouldn't worry because she will let me come visit and make her curtains. =)} I do get to stay home with my kids but I also work from home. I think it's a common misconception (mostly among men) that if you stay home with the kids you should have plenty of time to ....you know, do whatever. Being a mom is a full time job in itself and then pile on laundry, cleaning, cooking, working and you get the drift, it doesn't leave a ton of time to goof off with your kids. I make sure I read to Claire everyday and I try to get her outside playing or riding her bike on nice days for a little while and sometimes she just has to play by herself. And somedays I get to take my kids on special "mommy dates." It's a time to go out and do something fun other than just running errands and such. Matt takes Claire on special "daddy dates" too. Maddy is a little young to really appreciate it but Claire loves special attention and she doesn't get a ton of one on one time since Maddy is usually with us. Don't get me wrong she loves her baby sister but sometimes I can tell she needs some special time to just herself. This past weekend Claire and I went on a mommy date to a character breakfast. We ate yummy pancakes, eggs and bacon and Claire got to meet a ton of her favorite Disney characters. Here are a few pictures of our special date.

Claire got her favorite characters autographs!

The Cat in the Hat...my favorite!

Isn't that a darling little Annie? Claire hasn't seen this movie yet so I'm thinking I'll play it for movie night this week.

I had so much fun spending time with my girl!

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