" The Modest Homestead: Fancy Nancy's Fancy Gear And My Little Sweeties

Fancy Nancy's Fancy Gear And My Little Sweeties

Look who's walking!! My little sweetie has ventured out and taken a few steps by herself, however she prefers to hold a helping hand before she will walk too far. She walked almost the length of this bridge with her big sissy helping.

I made these fun high chair and car seat covers for one sweet little girl last week. Her name is Nancy (isn't that the cutest name ever???) and Claire being a big fan of the books immediately called her Fancy Nancy. And what fancy little girl doesn't need some fancy covers for her gear? 

Here is a closeup of the car seat fabric. Isn't it the cutest little birdie in Paris fabric you have ever seen?

Nancy's mom introduced me to two new online fabric stores. Fabricworm and Super Buzzy both have adorable fabrics! I'm already thinking of projects that I need fabric for. I see some adorable summer dresses for my girls in the future. =)

Interested in getting custom covers for your little sweetie?? Email me for details!

 And just because I can't get enough of them here are a few more pictures of my girls from the weekend.

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