Monday, October 17, 2011

Last weekend...

Last weekend we celebrated Matt's sister's birthday. We took a kid free shopping trip to Ikea. (We have 5 kids between us so we were excited... giddy even.) This was our first visit there and can I just say that place is huge! Surprisingly I walked out with nothing but have some furniture pieces picked out for projects to come!

We took fun pictures in the parking lot...

And ate "authentic" Mexican cuisine.

Authentic according to Matt anyway.

We also made it to the outlet mall and Mel and I went shopping while the guys had Starbucks and fell asleep in the mall recliners. Overall it was a fun day with great friends! So glad they invited us!

1 comment:

blue moss said...

ikea is soooo overwhelming...
i can't believe you made it out without buying anything...quite an accomplishment!!
did you go to atlanta or charlotte?
the mexican place looks great
glad you had a fun kid free day :)