" The Modest Homestead: Organic Gardening, "7 Water-Saving Landscaping Ideas"

Organic Gardening, "7 Water-Saving Landscaping Ideas"

I've been enamored with the European inspired infiltration system for water retention after reading this article. Here are the highlights.

1. Project 1: Porous Pavers
2. Project 2: Rain Barrels
3. Project 3: Prairie-inspired Rain Gardens
4. Project 4: Green Roof
5 & 6. Project 5 & 6:Cistern and Bioswale
7. Project 7: Gravel Grass

I'm in the process of removing shrubs on the side of my house and will be installing a rain garden. I'm also going to be using rain barrels to catch rain water which will help defer cost of managing my ever growing garden. As I do these projects, I'll be posting guides and results of my efforts.

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